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test paper M2

1.During almost 3 month i collected the brochures,samples and illustrations of natural materials, put them neatly in sections in files for further reference.
The method of arranging and obtaining the material is pretty simple - I made the list in Excel file with an index for checking , in alphabet order.
In this file i did the indication of the types of items collected including name of supplier, the address , and the main scope of activity .
Guess , that later when i start to deal with them i will improve the arranging method.
But even now think that using simple an Excel file is pretty convenient for me.
Just need have to do the back up ,or monthly update.

2.I did some sketches of domestic interior (country house for family ) and of commercial interior ( morocco cuisine  restaurant  )
bellow i ll write down the whole description of this two interiors ,with as much details as possible,and will discuss how the stone materials work within the interior scheme as a whole,and not just in isolation . i will describe the composition of the stone ,fire resistance, workability,densities and suitable mortars.

As far as i m not a native speaker error correction is welcomed!!